It’s funny how its easily pissed me off

Cause i know what is real

Cause i know how it feels

You play a game 

Is that for fame?

I shouldn’t be affected 

Cause i know i’m authentic

Cause i know its not realistic

And i’m not supposed to be hurt

Cause i know i’m strong

Cause i know, i don’t belong





Her way

She’s prettier than i expect

In a plain simple dress

Those smile on her lips

Took out all of my breath

She’s funny on her own way

Voice was so soft when she say

She’s not been bothered

When i look at her

She just smile with a sparkling light in her eyes

She doesn’t care if ill smile back

What she acts makes me attract








May 26,2017 …

In the last two days that i’m been dealing between my emotions and thoughts . The force running on me was uncontrollable to the fact that i cant ignore it. And i’m thinking too much again. This person is occupying a lot of space on my mind. Well–Maybe all i need to exert more effort and force. Defeating the strongest force is not that easy, being in love isn’t easy.  But I have to– cause this non reassuring thing is kind hard to dealt with and maybe a day or two it could possibly vanish but the eagerness is extremely high, i want to talk to you .. Its time consuming with a millions of questions that could not be answer… Holding, on something that doesn’t hold you back was fuc*ing scary..

“Heart will always belong to where the happiness. I had taught to myself that if there’s a such thing that could makes me happy without a hesitation i’ll surely go for it. For the reason knowing that mind can easily shift to a new emotions that could possibly block my actions for doing it. And not all happiness can mean happiness to others, sometimes it’ll may cause trouble too.More over ill be responsible with limitations as to where my happiness will go. There’s a lot of reasons to be happy.Don’t stop chasing happiness 😉 Just be with yourself.” 😊

The most heart-breaking thing for me to realize is the fact that i wanted to do something good and something helpful for other people but you have no resources to do it.