“Each of us have our stories to tell in the book of life.

You can either read someone’s story and applaud how they write it so beautiful or you can make your own story and make it as beautiful for others to read it.
There are only two things in life. YOU and the CHOICE you make. You make your choice and the Choice you make makes you.”

First thought in the morning was you

Can’t get enough to say ‘i love you’

Your walls was hard to defeat

Your love was high to reach

Islands between us may hindrance

But my love for you knows no distance











People often to ask,

 ‘If you could go back in time, what would you do to make things right?

But what if things were right and you go back in time anyway? I be’t it’d be a lot scarier. Just imagine trying so hard to do things exactly the way you’ve done them before with the crippling awareness that every moment is just inches away from completely altering you correct future.

Some part of my day,

speaks about you.

its an old story of an old memory

That you, easily pop in my mind.

Perhaps you will cross again or

Perhaps it will escape out from my consciousness


When we change , the world changes

“The key to all changes is in our inner transformation– a change of our hearts and minds. This is human revolution. We all have the power to change.When we realize this truth, we can bring forth that power to anywhere,anytime and in any situation.”


-Daisaku Ikeda